Carbocrobe group over time




The Carbocrobes

Katrin Attermeyer

I have always been interested in nature and wanted to uncover its secrets. After studying marine biology in Rostock, Germany, I delved into microbial ecology. Since then, I have mainly worked in freshwaters and the role of the smallest organisms in the global carbon cycle.

Gertraud Steniczka

I studied chemistry in Vienna and like to work in the laboratory and the field. I am the technical support of the Carbocrobe group.

Pratiksha Acharya

I studied forest science at the University of Göttingen, Germany, and I am fascinated by the world of microbial ecology and biogeochemistry. I am part of Carbocrobe to do my PhD where I will be investigating the microbial decomposition and carbon flow of fine particles during leaf breakdown in streams.

Benjamin Misteli


The fascination for aquatic ecology started during my bachelor studies at the University of Basel. Since then, I have studied the effects of environmental changes and ecosystem management on macroinvertebrate, zooplankton and phytoplankton biodiversity in various aquatic ecosystems such as alpine springs, intermittent streams, and shallow lakes. Since completing my PhD, I have become more interested in a broader interdisciplinary understanding of aquatic ecosystems. This led me to Carbocrobe as a postdoc, where I now study the effects of coastal wetland restoration on carbon cycling, climate change mitigation, and various other ecosystem services. 

Carbocrobe Alumni

Leonie Theresa Haferkemper

I studied ecology at the University of Vienna and joined Carbocrobe in May 2022 to do my Master thesis on suspended particles in agricultural and mountaineous streams.  I finished my Master thesis in January 2024 and now I work as a scientific assistant at EAWAG in Switzerland.

Theresa Reichenpfader

I studied biochemistry at the University of Graz and joined Carbocrobe in April 2021 to do my Master thesis. I looked into details of diel changes of CO2 in streams in Lower Austria during my thesis. I finished my Master thesis in June 2022 and now I support other working groups at WasserCluster Lunz as a technician in the laboratory.

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